Twisted Vine Ring

First time in several months that I have had a chance to sit down and actually work on a model, its quite exciting really. Rather than work on a long project I figured that I would get back into things by making a ring that had been bouncing around my mind for a while.

Granted it would most likely be quite uncomfortable to wear, but I was going more for aesthetics than practicality.

i am thinking that u used curves for this.Am i right?
The textures are excellent.Good work!

cool! mind telling is how you did the two gold ones?:slight_smile:

Sweet! The whole thing looks like it took some real thinking, good job :slight_smile:

i am thinking that u used curves for this.Am i right?
Actually that would have been much easier, I didn’t think doing it that way until the modeling was already complete. The gold vines are simply toruses manipulated around the main ring.

I made the one silver torus with the pockets for embedding the emeralds first and then copied and narrowed it for the gold rings, put thorns in place of the emeralds and then just pushed, pulled, and rotated the torus as needed until it looked about how I wanted it to.

i would have never thought of that.Good work again!

WOW! Usually I Don´t like those rings because this forum iis full of them. But this is something new. Good work! Mind to tell me that silver´s trexture?

Actually, that probably wouldn’t be too uncomfortable just so long as all the thorns point out. :stuck_out_tongue:

could see that in a gallery for real jewelry. nicely done.

Looks very nice! If you’re looking for crits, the subsurf value (assuming you’re using subsurfing) on the gold rings looks a bit low - you can see the geometry; but this is a minor point. Overall, it’s very realistic!

Extremely well done and the ring looks like it took some planning! Beautiful is the only word to describe this artwork! Did you have the crown of thorns on Christ in mind before creating this piece?

Thanks for all of the complements everyone, normally I am right behind the notion that there are simply too many rings being made just to test yafray settings, but every now and again I like to design jewelry (practical or not) so I have to break down and give into the urge.

Did you have the crown of thorns on Christ in mind before creating this piece?
Actually I didn’t, but once I finished the final render and looked at it I had a feeling that a lot of people would note a resemblance.

Very well done. Like the style, textures, and lighting…and composition :).

Very nice!

The only crit I have is that the DoF is way to overdone.

Awsomness! But the Dof is kinda suffering with bad AA-samples and the DoF is a bit too strong.

Do we not see that this one is over a year old now?