Twisting Underpass in Eevee

(Aidy Burrows 3D) #1

Testing out some simple textures from texture haven

Ended up going all inception on a simple underpass scene. :smiley:



Super cool looking! Do you mind if I ask how you achieved that effect? I imagine you used a curve modifier.
Anyway, good work!

(Aidy Burrows 3D) #3

Thanks! Sure thing, it’s just a couple of simple deform modifiers. Though a curve modifier would work just as well! :slight_smile: I’ll do a tutorial on it soon. :smile:



Cool! Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #5

The light breaking was a nice touch!

(Aidy Burrows 3D) #6

Thanks Bart! Glad you liked it! :smiley:

(fin.eskimo) #7

Very cool Aidy… very cool indeed!