Two Cents

(DevilsDJ) #1

I figured I might start my own Sketchbook. I’ll keep adding more images I keep chugging along. Any CC is greatly appreciated.

(DevilsDJ) #2


(Xraygunner) #3

Very cool! Nice outcome too!

(DevilsDJ) #4

Thanks Xraygunner!

I’m hoping I can finalize this design soon for 3D printing, I’ll use a red garnet for the stone once I have it in my hands.

(DevilsDJ) #5

I’m still working on getting more familiar with Cycles rendering, I need to work on this a bit more.

(DevilsDJ) #6

Finished with this model, now headed off for 3D printing and casting in sterling silver.

(DevilsDJ) #7

Concept Art based on one of my photographs from Brown’s Lake Alaska.

(DevilsDJ) #8

Cast pieces created using Blender

(DevilsDJ) #9

Cycles Rendering using new materials.

(DevilsDJ) #10

Damn I love Cycles…

(DevilsDJ) #11

WIP, playing around with Cycles to see what metals and woods I’d like to use for these knife scales. I need to finish sculpting the scales then they will be ready for casting in silver.

(DevilsDJ) #12

I’m very pleased with the new casting shop I found. If you’re going to make jewelry stay away from Shapeways, better to find a real casting shop.

(DevilsDJ) #13

Experimentations with Cycles

(m_squared) #14

Some really good looking rings. One with Alaska is kinda my favourite so far… keep them coming, happy blending!

(DevilsDJ) #15

I’ve been on a pendant kick as of late. Some will be cast, others are just concept pieces.


(DevilsDJ) #16

A few more cast and finished models.


(NID Graphics) #17

Nice 3D prints! Really nice work!

(DevilsDJ) #18

Hey thank you NID! This is just a ridiculously expensive hobby that I enjoy and thanks to Blender I can make my imagination become reality. I recently started playing around with 3D Coat’s boolean operations and have to say I really like the results so far. Still working out my workflow between the two programs.


(DevilsDJ) #19

I’ve also been tinkering with Lazy Nazumi Pro and Blender’s sculpting tools with some interesting results. This is a combination of my own Bas-Relief nodes and various Voronoi textures.


(DevilsDJ) #20

A quick study in selecting faces on a high poly model via edit mode for masking purposes in sculpt mode.