Two Cents

I’ll be building a library of wood textures as I go along with my build. Beetle kill white spruce, spalted birch and maybe some cottonwood in the mix?

Did I say blood, sweat and tears? Sorry, I meant blood, sweat and beers…


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Still messing about with jewelry. Metal materials aren’t looking too bad, hard to get right though with having my 3D models print ready as opposed to render friendly.

The design of the house and the location are all gorgeous. Best of luck in the build. Totally jealous until I start thinking of the cold winters. :slight_smile:

The lumber for your library is going to end up a beauty too. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Hey thanks Oscar! Ha yeah I am used to the cold, born up here in The Last Frontier :wink: I cannot stand the heat when down in the States… Here’s a sample of what I’m hoping to create as to a wood texture library. It’ll take some time to put together. These particular shots are from some scales that I hope to add to a few knives in the upcoming months. The third shot is what I use those textures for, laying out custom scale ideas before the CNC carves them up for me.

Happy to report my Bas-Relief nodes work like a charm. I kept the detail down just a fuzz on this particular piece knowing that pine is crap wood for this. I’ll give it a go with jewelers casting wax for ultimate detail work. Final pass on this piece was performed with a .062 inch ball nose endmill.

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Blender Alpha Bas-Relief.blend (947 KB)

Latest update to my Alpha Bas-Relief nodes. If anyone would care to try it out and let me know how to improve it I would greatly appreciate it.

Modifications made based on expert advice. 3D model uploaded to Solus Contour software, printing in B9 Emerald casting resin at 20 micron layers, fingers crossed.

Printed on a Solus DLP resin printer at 20 micron layers. This printer never ceases to amaze me with it’s printing quality. Now to see if I can cast it in Argentium Silver and set those many stones myself…

DevilsDJ, can’t wait to see the final piece in silver. It is going to be a gorgeous jewelry piece.

I’ve been using your node bas relief setup and it has been working really well. I’ve also been experimenting with replacing the power function with a logarithmic function. I am trying to figure out how to implement C(x) = 1/[value]*(log (1+[value]*x) as a math node sequence for the image compression. The bottom number on the divide function is supposed to be the variable value (0.01-.999).

I am getting a little bit more detail but it is subtle.

Its very sad. I have a math degree but I can’t remember any of it. Its a pretty paper on the wall. I haven’t used any of it in 30 years so its all gone. Might have to crack a book open or something (who am I kidding, I’ll just pop a beer open and hit buttons and hope it comes out).

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Nice test OLG! I’m certainly no math wiz myself, I was just determined to make something with it. Glad to see progress with it though! It’ll be interesting to see what you can come with using Log in place of Power :slight_smile: I’ll have to check it out here soon, wanting to prototype my mountain range cabinet idea. I also have a few ideas for it for some custom trim in my house. I will profess there were many beers involved in the creation of those node groups…

I had to fix my vacuum casting machine, issues with the pump. I gutted it and installed an exterior air nozzle for the new pump to attach to. So now I have a digital programmable kiln, vacuum casting machine, Solus DLP Resin printer and a few models I find worthy of casting. Let’s see if I can make this happen.

I’m also working on another piece, a Fleur-De-Lis Pendant for a friend of mine. WIP for sure but I am happy with the outcome thus far.

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DevilsDJ, good luck on the casting. It will look awesome when complete.

The math equation came from researching how the original blender bas relief node worked. There was further refinement explained in the paper but I have no clue on how to implement differentials using math nodes so only using a portion of the math.

I should have given credit to the authors originally. The paper is here with the discussion on the techniques and algorithms used as well as the folks responsible for it.

Complete overhaul of my house based on a new timeframe and available materials on the site.



I added a few things, the greenhouse being one of the largest additions.

I’m going to call the design faze done for now until I can speak to a timber frame builder, as well as a structural engineer. I’m sure I’m close to what needs to be done but I feel the need to be as accurate as possible with post and beam sizing.

A few photos from the build site as well as the trees that will be used to make the timbers.

Wow, best of luck on your real world project! Impressive how strong some of your work is. Love the rings, I still have three children to be married, going to try and make some customer rings for them. Thanks for the inspiration!