two finished flight scenes

(Alltaken) #1

both of these flight scenes are complete i have about 6 more to do in the next 10 days.

about one a day

ok heres a link to them

oh yeah almost forgat to mention it but they are for a space animation that i am currently working on

FULL SIZE 720x576 900kbps 1.5Mb / 870Kb

HALF SIZE 360x288 250kbps 439kb / 263Kb

i may only use the first six seconds of the second animation because of the jerky transition there and because i don’t have time to re work out the IPO curves.

10 days arrrrrggggggghhghghghhhg

hope you enjoy

all my other work is at

(harkyman) #2

Really good. Don’t know why I missed these when you originally posted them. I usually see everything that comes through. I don’t want to support plugging your post in other people’s posts (I came here through Bapsis mech thread), but I guess I’ll comment anyway.

Once again, really good. The model is cool and quite realistic and detailed. The planet looks good too. I’ve seen worse effects on TV this year.

I really like the volumetric clouds on the second anim, but I agree that you should chop the end. When the camera stops moving, it just doesn’t look as good.


(Alltaken) #3

oppsy daisy i don’t think many people could see the other downloaded avi files because they were encoded usin Xvid an open source codec.

a link to it is here where you can download it. i recomend it highly.

for all of you who don’t have xvid.
this has been encoded through xvid (but using divx format)

hope it works(you only got the big ones at full res sorry)

first scene

second scene

and for all of my other images of ships go to here

thanks hope i get some replys this time.

if you have divx and 1divx.avi and 2divx.avi don’t work could you please tell me and i’ll try to fix them

(paradox) #4

Thanks I was wondering why the first avi’s didn’t work. Now that I’ve seen your set of flight scenes I’ll say very nice. Liked the overall movement and the planets and the modeling on the ships is nice too.

(stephen2002) #5

not bad, but something seems lacking, not sure what.

Maby it is that they are moving a bit too slow? So many movie scenes the ships are zipping by in a motion blured streak.

It can’t be that hard to add in a little bit more camera movement at the end :frowning: