two girls and one ... bouquet

hmmm … seems like the saturation and colors are both shot to hell …
how do you get better at doing digital painting work. all i can think of doing is studying stuff like this :S

Catchy title… :smiley:

It looks like you used a soft brush a lot. Soft brushes are good for shading and smoothing surfaces.

There are two ways of painting.

Most advanced painters do a backpaint (a solid dark color) and then they they light the surfaces with higher colors. This is a very good technique but needs lots of experience.

Other technique is to have some really colid colors placed on the screen and then smoothing the tones to get a good tone transition. Warning though that the blending will have to be precise and limited to only a small section. You can’t overwork the blending because it will flatten the surface.

In you image it seems that you used low opacity brushes, you can make it look better but going in each edge and hitting a solid color, that will be a lot of work but it will remove the blurriness. Also you might alter the colors a bit just to bring more contrast.

Yep, something started happening. I did a test as well as you can see in the file.

hmmm how much time and energy do you spend on a single piece before deciding to move onto the next piece?
it just seems like i can get critiqued and revise for an indefinite amount of time.