two holes in a circle - topology question

Hey there guys. Been doing some exercises lately, and I wanted to cut two circles in a circle. Came up with this:

What do you guys think about the topology? Any ways to make it cleaner? It subsurfs well I think, but wanted your opinion. BTW, with the minimun faces possible


Came up with this. What do you guys think?

Edit 2:
What about four holes in a circle? Came up with this:

However, i don’t like the 6 edge poles (and I don’t like them in the two holes case either). Opinion? Any ideas?

The first one is much the best for subsurfing, since its the only one with good edge loops. If the surface is otherwise flat, 6-poles, tris or other oddities in the region between the edge loops won’t matter much. But here’s a version without any:

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thx! But why aren’t the second image’s loops good edgeloops? What’s wrong then?

Because they don’t have a circle loop around the circle.

maybe this some better?