Two issues with 2.91. Not sure if bugs or I'm missing new options

Hey everybody,

I’m having two issues only in Blender 2.91. It happens with any models/scenes. They all work in 2.9

The first issue is when I enter edit mode on an armature, it enters edit mode, then exits back to object mode in 1 second. I can spam press tab and it’ll just keep doing it. It is frequent but inconsistent. It can work with the same armature and then all of a sudden I can’t use edit mode more anymore. If I open the scene in 2.9 it’s fine. It’s been happening for all of 2.91 with many scenes and different armatures. It happened in 2.91 and 2.91.2

The second issue is that in previous versions, when moving up in action layers, it would automatically update to the new strip. Now when I move up in the layer, I either have to move a bone, or slide the action strip in the NLA editor for it to update. Simply playing the animation won’t update it.

Not sure if these issues are only on my end or issues with 2.91 itself. I’ve tried on multiple machines with various scenes and the issues are consistent.

Thank you!