Two Joined obejects into one mesh, only textures one of the joined objects?

Title pretty much says it all. Simplified I have taken to halves of something that were different objects, and joined them together into one mesh, and now when I go to texture it, it only does the top or the bottom. And I can’t figure out how to fix it.

This is caused by Blender assigning two materials to the joined mesh.

Bear with me because i do not have blender in front of me.

In the Materials buttons panel you will be able to select which of the two materials you are altering (In the links and pipeline tab will be a small colored square, it will say something like mat1 or mat2 next to it, you can choose which half of the objects material you are controlling here)

In the Editing buttons panel is a tab, you can add, assign, or delete material groups. The material is a per-face setting (perhaps per vertex, but this may only be visible with halo’s i am not sure).

This might explain it a bit better.


PapaSmurf got it in my post in the modelling section. Thanks anyway.

The subsurf, if any has to be applied on both and then joined.