Two monitor setup (getting nuts)

Hi. To those working with two monitors.
Is there any chance to make active the monitor that has the mouse working in it? I mean hover the mouse from one to the other and make that one active.
I am following a blender tutorial. One sceen has the video and the other one Blender. Every time I need to switch to blender I need to click the screen to make it active…losing my selection on what I was working…It is not much a Blender question, but a Windows setup on two monitors.

I am trying to have the active monitor just by hovering with my mouse that monitor I work to work in.

Thank you

I think you’ll need to get a system-level utility that will make active whatever the mouse is over.

Even using the “New Window” feature of Blender I have to click on the other (New) window to make it, the new window, work even while Blender already has the focus.

I use two monitors and have same thing happen. When you flip back to Blender, you can click the top of the programs title window (where the X close and _ min are ) and it will activate Blender but still keep your items selected with-in.


Switch to Linux. On Cinnamon desktop you can choose the following option.

Sounds amazing…is it that hard for Microsoft?

I’m not a Windows user, but cannot you just switch between windows using Alt+Tab ?

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Yes. I am doing that at the moment, I found it a little bit un-intuitive, but after following hours and hours now of the tutorial…I guess my hands work by themselves. I believe at the beginning was quite frustrating. Although must recognize the Linux feature showed by @mahol Looks really convenient.

What about this option?

It’s from this thread, there are some other options like programs / powershell scripts / registry tweaks.