Two Newbie Questions

I have two probobly dumb newbie questions for the experts here.

One: Is there a way to seperate selected vertices in a mesh to another mesh?

Two: Is there a function to save a selection set and recall it later (like in 3ds max)? And if there isn’t, is there a good script to do the same thing?

Thank you,

from a Blender newbie.

Oh, nevermind about the seperation thing, but i still need help on saving selections.

You can assign vertices to a vertex group. Select the vertices, open a buttons panel and hit F9 to open the edit buttons. Under the links and materials panel you’ll see vertex groups. Click new to create a new group and click assign to assign those verts to that group. Then you can click select later on to reselect them.

So you know, these vertex groups are what you normally use to skin a mesh to an armature, but they can also serve to save selections.

thank you SO much. this will save me SO much time!!

You are my hero. 8)

to separate meshes, or parts of them, select them into edit mode an press p and hit OK. than you have two meshes!