Two objects, same mesh, but different "wire" setting


sometimes the simple ones get me…:
I have two objects. Both share the same mesh. The first object should be rendered as wire frame, the second should be rendered solid. As the “wire” setting is a material property, and the material is linked to the mesh, and the mesh is the same for both objects, the “wire” settings is also always the same. But I want it different.

I could make the mesh “single user”, but then the changes in geometry don’t affect the other object. Actually it’s the same mesh.

I’ve also been playing around with two material indexes, but to no avail. No matter what I do, both objects are wire frames or none.

What’s the right approach? That must be simple but I don’t see it.


Right underneath the materials list is a little box that says “Data”. Change that to “Object” and make a wireframe material.


differentmaterials.blend (526 KB)

Thx for the quick reply, but I can’t find it anywhere. According to your attached file, you’re using 2.50. I’m using 2.49b. Maybe that’s the difference?

I’m checking out the Beta and will see…

In 2.49b it’s in F5 materials panel > Links and Pipeline box > [OB | ME]. Select OB.

I see now, however, that doesn’t change anything. If I select OB, all controls go away. I’ve tried that before.

As you see, Mat 2 is already “wire”, but it’s rendered solid. What I can do is assign the “wire material” to all faces of the mesh, but then also the other object is rendered wired. I don’t get it. I’ll play around for some more hours… :wink:

Dude, as you can see in that screenshot you have no material selected after selecting OB, and thus no controls.


differentmaterials249.blend (142 KB)

IIRC you should be able to select OB, then create/select a new material for the selected object. Is that what you missed?

Edit: What Ecrivain said only faster :slight_smile:

I’ve thought I’ve selected Mat index 2 for the object.
Ok, I got it. Didn’t I say it’s simple? :o
Thanks! (and sorry for bothering)

Yep :wink: and no bother, I endeavored into the support forms. :D:D