Two Player Tank Game

Hi Guys, I Just made this game, and i thought i would post it here for a few reasons.
#1 For you to try to Enjoy it
#2 I wanted that when the bullet touches the wall, a texture with a hole to appear wherever the bullet hits the wall. Can anyone tell me how i could do that, or tell me where i could find a tutorial for that?
#3 I know i put the tank tracks on the same texture with everything else, i can change that, but how could i make them spin when the tank moves forward or back.
Thanks Again, And hope The Link Works.

Here’s the Link:
Here is the MegaUpload, Just in case the Previous one Didn’t Work:

Social’s FPS template ( has a script for placing bullet holes in the wall. Might be a good starting point or something that can be adapted for your own needs.