Two Questions Unrelated to each other.

Hello :smiley: .I have two questions:
1)Why when i enable the shadow button for a face and press p
and that face isnt visible :-? ?Can I fix it?
2)is there any way to make your own collision mesh or any other way(parenting dynamic empties to one object somehow,or to have multiple collision spheres for one object,…)?

Please Help.

the shadow option for faces in face select mode flaggs a particular face as a shadow face

try this:
make a black plane just above the object center, parallel to the floor
make it a shadow face

beneath the actor buttons in 2.33 or 2.34 was added new options

see the bounds button? press it
then choose polyheader

this iirc makes the collision faces in your mesh the bounding box, but it could be all faces

Got it :smiley: .Thanks.