Two questions


I was wondering about two things,

  • Is there a way to somehow align the view to the horizon when in camera fly mode so I don’t end up all over the place? There’s a button to kind of readjusting the view by increments but is there a way to not let it go astray in the first place? Something akin to the little lock icons but applying to Fly Mode I guess.

  • I can’t seem to manipulate the sun settings in such a way that there’s diffuse light, so I’m stuck with very hard, “moonscape” shadows with one side of say a block being in a glare and the other side being completely dark. Another how-to Question…

Bear with me…

Marco :slight_smile:

1.Dont know
2> you could try using AO see link > otherwise you need to add fill lights of low power to give light to shadowed areas.Also note the differant light types will give you differant effects, take a look at the lighting manual link>