Two Simple Fixes

hi all,
I work with Blender EVERY DAY more than 8 hours a day, and two things (maybe really simple to add/fix) are:

1* a way to select an object/curve/whatever from the modifier stack. for example you need to select your empty that you are using for the mirror but you don’t find it in the really complex scene, so you go in the outliner, type the name, scroll to look for it, but it is parented with something else, so you can’t find immediately bla bla bla.Maybe having a simple cursor next to the box in the modifier stack to select the object, would be awesome!Helpful for every modifier that use
other objects like the curve modifier/displace/mirror/etc…

2* when I press alt+H to unhide objects, they are selected, even they were unvisible (!!) so maybe you took a while to make a selection of a bunch of objs, than you unhide the objects and you have to restart the selection again, eheheAnother trouble is when I work with heavy objects (sculpt/dyntopo) if there is a way to avoid this would be helpful beacose every time it takes a while (and I know I can use the isolate button but is not that the point…)
The point is, hided stuff should be unselected when you unhide them.

What do you think?

PS* sorry for my crap english.

For the second, you can create an operator :wink:

#Unhide - Unselect
class UnhideUnselect(bpy.types.Operator):
    bl_idname = "object.unhideunselect"
    bl_label = "Unhide - Unselect"
    bl_options = {'REGISTER', 'UNDO'}
    def execute(self, context):
        return {'FINISHED'}

i can relate to the second one. it can be quite annoying!

@pitiwazou Your code will unfortunately destroy current selection. It will make everything deselected, so the result will be exactly the same as if you hit “alt-h”, and then “a”. Jonathan Williamson came up with a pretty simple and nicely working solution:

For the first one there’s already a solution. When you hover over the box you press E and then you pick your object from the scene. There’s no icon or menu command for it just this shortcut.

WOW!!! I didn’t know that. That’s awesome. Thank you.

You learn something new every day, thanks

I think the OP was looking for the opposite. He already has an object set as a target, and he wants to select that object, not set a new object.

But the E-key shortcut is awesome, works for color fields throughout blender too, as an E​yedropper color picker.

eeehhhmmm… Im voting +1 for two of those proposals

thankyou guys for your support :smiley:

@cdog unfortunately my problem is the opposit, I have to select the object in the box. :wink:

MmAaXx suggested I post this. Here’s a simple add-on that solves issue #2:

It adds an operator that simply unhides any hidden objects and ensures they are deselected. If you’d like to replace the default behavior then simply remap the hotkey to objects.alternate_unhide after installing and enabling the add-on.

and it works!
thankyou Jonathan! ^^

this link does not require the log-in >>>

You’re right!!! Nice tip! :slight_smile: Thank you cdog!

I partially agree with both suggestions, but:

#1 - sometimes I find it useful how it is now, for instance when I have to select several objects in a complex scene, I select some objects then hide them, continue selecting and hide, and at last unhide all and I have all my selected objects back.
When on the opposite I want to unhide objects without select them, first I invert the selection, then unhide all and invert the selection again, it’s a bit more complicated but you cannot have all.

#2 - agree that it could be very handy to be able to select the referenced object, though I wonder what should happen in that case: it should add the object to selection, or the object should become active, switching off the properties panel which you are working on?

EDIT: to answer your question about #1, sometimes can be important to see which objects were hidden when you hit Alt+H, so making them selected can be handy, and this way you can easily hide them again, or just some of them.


How to make this alternate unhide addon works in other modes like edit, armature, curve?

That could be part of the “show hidden” operator, in the form of a checkbox ?

In blender you can copy whatever you want
So this is how I deal with the first problem ::

as for the second problem, what i usually do is just CTRL+I before and after ALT+H :smiley: easy!

About the problem of hide/unhide objects, is the some in component mode, hide unselected face (shift+h), then unhide (alt+h) and all the unhiden face are selected.