Two snakes on a boat

A trinket I carved out of redgum with only a pocket knife since that was the only sharp tool I had.

Of course it represents love.


Looks cool!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

The really nice thing about hand-carved trinkets/objects like this, is the way they feel - there’s that tactile quality and once they’re smoothed off and oiled they feel like satin and strangely, they never feel cold even when first handled.

I’ll have to carve something in Blender nicer than the cartoon blowfly I’ve just started, though I still don’t know how to even texture/material an object yet.

Wow! Sounds interesting. Maybe they preserve some sort of energy from the creator. Though that’s not a relevant subject here. You’ll love sculpting in blender.

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i know, but it’s ‘traditional art’ :smirk: and like I said my portfolio was completely empty!

I had to add something :slight_smile:

Maybe - I certainly focus a lot of intent in each carving and instead of linseed or other cheaper commercial oils, after sanding them to a 1,200-grit super-smooth finish I rub them against my skin, because the oil we produce is not only a more personal touch to a personal carving, it’s much better for finishing wood.

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I meant, what I said about it preserving the energy is not relevant. I’m into energy healing and studied a bit about energy preservation.

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That’s really interesting. I like it when personal touch is added to any form of art or creation. It’s like adding a bit of your heart and soul into what you made.

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That kinda makes sense to me - shh don’t tell the others :slight_smile:

I’m always 100% focused on the piece I’m carving too: seeing the knife is carbon steel and honed sharp enough to shave hair off my arm, the few times I’ve tried to carve while I’m distracted has led to cuts that have almost cost me a finger on more than one occasion.

It really only takes 2-3 cuts where you just miss a tendon - blood spattering the floor; bone visible - for you to start seriously giving the wood and knife ALL your attention.

Exactly :slight_smile:

It’s polarizing that: some people react with “Eww - you used oil from your skin?”, while others understand exactly why I’d do that.

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omg! That sounds scary. Not a big fan of gore. But neither the kind who faints at the sight. You must really love what you do (and your fingers too :laughing:). I can see that in your work. Very neat and attention to details.

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lol! Only if they knew your blood spilt on it too. Haha!

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The cuts and blood aren’t scary, it’s always thinking how close you came to - like I said - slicing a tendon and losing the use of a digit that’s scary for a while after a cut: usually it stops me continuing for a while - just because it makes me so paranoid.

But, there’s something about it - once you’ve got a carving more than half finished you kinda get to the point of ‘no return’, and you need to finish it - it turns into a compulsion once you’ve worked on this one object long enough to grow emotionally attached to it.

If that makes sense.

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It totally makes sense. That’s why I still continue to develop some of the scenes even if it stresses me out. My work is the reflection of my dreams, desires, fears and almost any emotion you can think of.

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Almost makes you feel sorry for people who don’t, can’t or refuse to allow themselves to be expressive :slight_smile:

Poor non creative people - none of which hand around here of course, but they’re out there :grimacing:

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To each their own I guess. Mastering my emotions and feelings is something I’m trying to learn too. But whenever I try my poker face, I feel like giggling at how fake I must look. Expressions are what makes an artist and art unique.

Yes, yes and yes :slight_smile:

You are correct and poker-face is stupid :slight_smile:

For me, I usually just get pissy and resent-filled then snarky if I cannot express what I’m feeling at the time: whether it’s with language and words, carving, drawing or just body language.

I loathe being in any situation where other people expect me to put a lid on my self-expression, because what they’re then expecting is for me to be inauthentic - or fake, in your words: if you cannot express yourself, you cannot be yourself.

Simply being told to shuddup by anyone, is being told you cannot be yourself.

I rarely do though.

Shuddup I mean :slight_smile:

I’m going to cook my dinner.

I’ll be hovering here though, so go on - I’m all ears :slight_smile:

I find myself in that situation very often. How I stay calm is very simple yet effective for me. I try to understand what makes a person or a situation who they are or what it is. There’re a lot of untold or unexplained stories behind every situation. Keeping my opinion only for the people who’d understand, saves my time and energy. So most of the time, I keep my opinion to myself :slightly_smiling_face: Ever heard about barking back at the dogs? lol

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I know, but I’m a stupid, reactionary male so find it difficult to resist barking back at them :roll_eyes:


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I wouldn’t call it stupidity. “Expressive” maybe? :grinning:

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The sheer volume of new creations here makes actually learning the software - more difficult.

All night last night I had Blender open and minimized as I flicked through countless posts in /artwork, and everytime I would be ready to go back and start playing - another new rendering that’s interesting enough to look at :slight_smile: