Two water scenes

Here are some shots from an animation I am working on. Don’t worry about figuring out how they logicaly fit togather, when the animation is done you can be confused about that. :slight_smile: Updated


The modeling as a whole is very nice, and fits the mood of the scene very well. No complaints there.
As for the water…

Pic 1:
The water coming from the faucet could be denser. The water inside the tank should be more irregular, especially considering that it will be animated.

Pic2 and 3:
If possible, try to make the light transition smoother. You might consider using something to simulate distortion. Also, make the whole thing “blueer”.

I don’t know if I can really do this, but I was thinking of maybe using an external raytracer. Then making a plane in front of the water in the tank with a refracting texture. I think Renderman compatible stuff might do that.


here’s a little trick to make your water look real:

  1. make a tube, and set it up so it is slightly irregular, and rotates, so the profile will have some subtle changes (like running water)
  2. Make a video of moving water
  3. Load the video onto your tube
  4. Now make some particle ‘bubbles’ around the base to blend it with your surface. Also, the surface of the water could use an animated texture too.

Also, you might add some particles to the submarine. There is a torpedo tutorial,…I’ll go dig it up…brb==>

Great tutorial for the torpedo and bubble particles! :slight_smile:
Thanks for it