Two works

Hi everybody!
This is my first post after having visited a lot this forum as a guest.

I would like to show you two of my works.

The first one is inspired to an original artwork by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

The second one is a classic spiral staircase.

Wait for a feedback from you :slight_smile:


nice render, is it blender 2.41 ? why?

Yes, both are done using Blender 2.41 + Yafray.
I’ve used Bl 2.41 because the integration with Yaf has been abandoned after 2.43. I’ve experienced some problems in the interface btw Blender and Yaf using 2.42 and 2.43, while using 2.41 everything works fine. :wink:

well you realise were on 2.49b?

and that yaf(a)ray does a better job of the same and is supported?

on your image love it :slight_smile:
similar to something i imagined a while ago but with glass:)
i love the organic shapes, well done :slight_smile: