Tyler durden face sculpt

Finally after alot of face understanding and rewinding the movie . i have cracked tyler durden , this was my personal project so there wasn’t any time limit , but now that its complete i guess ill start with the texturing

Great! Blender sculpting?

hii krnt . yes blender sculpting

simply amazing.
Can"t wait to see the textured and final image.

great sculpting! i really want to see this finalized

epic epic epic!!! must see the final result :smiley:

thanks alot guys , any critics are welcome , the sculpt was rigged and then re sculpted again , to get his attitude right . the hair was redone about 6 times , cause it wasn’t matching his face , but i guess it all turned up nice . Cheers

Nice detail. The abs seam a bit too strong to me. By that I mean they could be toned down a bit. The depth is a little extreme. (This is just my opinion. It looks great. All the forms are there.)

Great work!

gud work man cheers…