Tyler Durden (Fight club) Brad pitt Sculpt

hey guys . iv tried to recreate my favourite character in Hollywood , and iv been sculpting the face for awhile now , just finished working on the hair style , the goti style remains which adds alot to his personality still needs to be added , need some serious reviews on the sculpt , the body just got a base sculpt to kind of match the face and personality .Ur suggestions would be helpfull . thank you


Wow really nice, I would say, go ahead and start working on the materials and textures. Its a really nice sculpt.

It looks incredibly good, the only thing that I would mention is that the shoulders seem unnaturally low (Most obvious in first image.)

The hair and face are phenomenal, though, great work!

thanks alot david , yes i will i guess the eyes, eye browss , his goti , and skin texture will make him closer to tyler durden , but i guess im gonna start sculpting on his body to match his face…

some more sculpt of the face for a long shot and basic upper body sculpt

I think the likeness is spot on. Good work.

Looks really good. You definitely got the looks right!

thanks alot budy … yes i have worked on the body abit ,still have to start his goti though

ya got sleepless nights to get the tyler durden likeness

ya but i belive i can still sculpt more on the face and get his wrinkles out wat say ?

awesome work nikhil…