Tyler Durden (fight club)

A few renders after posing him … im planing to only keep him on sculpt , i hope iv brought my favorite character to life

A close up Front and Side

nice work. did you use make human plugin?

no buddy … its all Scupted from One Polygon … Body Sculpt is Still not complete though

Made some Massive changes On the Face of get him Looking like tyler Durden

Final Face Sculpt

I suggest getting some actual Brad Pitt ref images cause you can find more of that than the role he is playing in the movie.
Good sculpt so far. You are getting there. Work a bit more on the anatomy - hands forearm and chest. :slight_smile:

Hands seem too small too me, other than that a very good sculpt already … but keep on detailing :wink: :slight_smile:

thanks Alot guys . iv already started working on the torso and abs from a Reference, and i realised , proportions were kinda off . and yes i have scaled up the hands . all My Focus was on the face before this , now that im kinda satisfied with the face,so i can move on to the body , and get it right , any more critics Are more then welcome .
Cheers .

the Hair and goti complete

you’ve done a sterling job on his face, he’s instantly recognisable as that guy that plays tyler. lol i don’t recall the actors name! Brad pitt?
i’m getting old!

yes … he is brad pitt … lol

The profile is spot on. The three quarters front face shot spot on. And the last full front is excellent.

Brad Pitt has really wide distance between the heels of the jaw, and that you’ve nailed. But there is an imbalance.
If I take an index card and mask the left half (the character’s left) revealing only the right half, that looks accurate. But if I block out the right half, it seems the jaw muscle and the heel of the jaw on the left side is sited too high in relation to the line of the mouth.

IMO lower the left heel of the jaw and jaw muscle to match that of right side of his head.

PS: Dig the hair! Outstanding.

Thanks Alot FXR…i do understand wat ur trying to tell me and yes ur correct , i will be correcting the jaw . and im Glad u love the hair , cause every hair on the side and back is trimmed manually to make it perfect . cause the hair adds alot to the character . this sculpt must be really good cause every1 i know tells me u got him looking spot on tyler durden . im still not satisfied yet … but its for ppl like u guys who make this sculpt so amazing s… so thank you :slight_smile:

Finally done with the Face sculpt and im glad Tyler durden has emerged . hope u guys like the final shots

love the hairs!!!

my favorite movie !

You’re pretty close to it ! The face is quite convincing.

A midshot ,body details still remaining. ya the hair style does add alot to his character . cheers

Wow. This is looking really good. Keep at it!