Tyranid Lictor

After many long hours, I have finally finished the render of my Sci-Fi creature, the Tyranid Lictor from the game Warhammer 40,000. Some of you may have seen the Focused Critique WIP thread I started. Thanks to everyone who helped me finish this thing.

It may look a little dark to those of you on CRT monitors. Ever since I upgraded to a bright LCD, my renders tend to look darker on CRTs. If it is a problem, please say so.





Reference Image:

What do you think? This is my first organic character that I have finished. I have learned a lot, including LSCM uvmapping, and organic modeling techniques.

C&C please.


bout time we seen this in finished projects !

it looks amazing man…really, its awesome.

omg wow… this is simply amazing :o
no crits!

Well, I have a very dark CRT monitor (apparently), and it looks fine. If by fine you mean fantastic, which I do. Looks like a cross between a scorpion, crocodile and a robot. Great stuff !
It’s not a crit, but why is the tail glowing ?

If this is your first finished organic character then methinks you should finish more of them… :wink:

My God! :o

Only too bad it’s a copyrighted char already.

Whoa, looks totally awesome. is that thing rigged? you make a killer animation with that.

Also, what’s the poly count? bet it’s really high lol. Anyway, keep blending!

Awesome awesome and ill say it again, Awesome!

If its rig and you cant make an animation because its too heavy then defenitely make a nice scene and put him in a more “live” pose. Something like in war or such. Right now I am imagining him standing on the top of a rock calling a charge…

Awesome work. I had been following the focused critic once in a while too.

great job

reminds me of a zergling

thats some awesome detailing

no crits! :o

Thanks for all the replys guys!

nehpets: Yea, I have been working on this for what seems like forever. Glad I finally finished it. Thanks.

GML: Thanks a lot.

Rhysy 2: Lol, the tail isn’t glowing. It is just the red light hitting it. I figured the red side lighting would make a cool effect. Glad you like it.

vliegtuig: Thanks! I know, but it is only going to be in my portfolio so I don’t think it should be a problem.

Slèpnyrl: No, I never got around to rigging it. :frowning: I am not much of an animator. Glad you like it.

Thanks to everyone who has replied sofar. If you have any crits, please say so.

I posted it on CGTalk if you guys want to have a look.


wonderful =)

Looks amazing!

that is awsome!!
you planning on making more from warhammer 40k

Actually, I was planning on possibly making a few low poly space marines just to give low poly modeling a try.

Do you play the game?

I got 4 stars on CGTalk! It will probably go down again, but thanks to everyone who voted for me here.

no but my brother got into it.

I did not like the prices on them and the game itself but I loved the models.
I also really liked the stories,lore and books.

I used to play. I like the Eldar a lot, and I had an Eldar army .

Sweet modeling. Awesome texturing. I’ve never seen a golden base though. :wink:

Lol, yea, I threw that in there just for looks. I don’t think a black base would look to good on a black background. And since I am one of those guys who likes shiney things, I just had to make it reflective. :wink: