Tyrannosaurus Rex [animation]

This is a small project I had in mind since a long time, and now I’m on holiday so I could work on it.
The rendering is still in progress ( 20/30 minutes per frame on my laptop).

The camera shakes have been done using the “camera jitter” script, additional trembling has been animated by hand on each step of the beast.
I’ll be rendering several passes (AO, spec) then I’ll combine them with nodes.

The sound has been done using Audacity with free sounds of animals found on the Web, including tiger, crocodile, elephant, moose … etc.

The anim

Hope you enjoy it.

nice, love the camera shak.
you rendering it?

Yes, I render some 30 frames every day . Result in a week …

Camera shaking is nice but doesn’t match the animation. It’s placing the feet softly which would not cause that shaking. If you want to use a shaking like this the motion has to be more of a stamping one so it is believable that it creates the shaking.