Tyrannosaurus Rex - Fat Legs

What tips can you give me on sorting out his fat leg without destroying the geometry of the model too much?


here is my background reference image:

and heres the actual model

Also if anyone has any reference images I could use it would be appreciated - just side views please :wink:

either do some vert pushing or scale the leg down on the x axis (and y if needed.) how does this model look with subsurf on?

If i were doing this i would follow the reference image (its a good one by the look of it), i dont really get that many good ref pics… so i would make use of it.

  • there apear to be a few tris, i would also try to remove them too, they make it more difficult to add extra detail later (+animation etc if you are doing that).

Hope it helps :wink:

i mean for the leg :smiley: (the rest looks to the reference)

I am modeling a dinosaur head .You can find it in my WIP

Have a look at it.It may help you

Also I like the basic shape of your T-Rex.However please turn subsurf catmul

hi, i don’t plan on using catmul subsurf since it isn’t very good with sharp edges, and since I need some sharp edges (particularly in the head), im using just refined tesselation and simple subsurf.

If you notice in the reference picture the legs are a slightly but tiny in comparison with the body, whereas in my model the legs are hugely larger than they should be (like when you concentrate on drawing part of something and becomes out of comparison).

However at the moment vertex pushing looks like my best option :slight_smile:

You can easaly achieve sharp edges with the catmull-clark sub surf by selecting the edges you want to make sharp and then pressing “Shift+E” and then moving the mouse to adjust the amount of sharpnes desired…