u bedder run......

([Pyrael]) #1

hi folks,

made with photoshop no blender … if u have some low detail people i will create this pic in blender again


@all max users BLENDER will nerver DIE !!!

habby blend g


(macke) #2

Blender users will never learn how to spell or make good graphics either!

(belac) #3

spelling… no, but maybe someday some will learn how to make good graphics. just remember macke, we all have to start somewhere…

it would look better if it was blended…


“i dream in mesh”

(blengine) #4

wow macke, way ta insult the entire community… im sure ton feels great that u said that people will never make anything good with his product

your a saint :wink:

y do u even come here anyways?

btw, cool pic =) i hate max… grrr, on another note, eye know howe toos speel macke

(Zweistein) #5

The Problem ist, that most FIRMS don t use Blender. So, you have to see on the other hand pictures like that above… and on the other hand movies like Ice AGe, Monsters AG and so on…

The Problem ist just that on 3dmax are more special workers… But there are some good Blender Users as well.

The picture… nice

(Vidigiani) #6

I don’t know… Max isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Granted, I think Blender does beat it in several regards… I miss the ability to “scatter” and I miss the ability to knife.

Other than that, I am loving blender… I’ve been more productive since the begining with Blender… just wish texturing was a bit easier… tho I am getting used to the quirkiness now, I think :).

(Goofster) #7

Wow Macke! this is low, even for you.
Did it even cross your mind that this guy is from Germany? you know, there ARE people that don’t know english.

ah fuck this, you’ll probably laugh this off like you always do, never serious, always an asshole.

To Pyrael:

cool picture, much better then anythin I eer made in PS. but the inside of the logo looks a bit choppy.


(DAK) #8

There is good stuff made in blender Macke. More than once you seem to get the community very upset at you. Why do you do this? What purpose do you get from trolling?

(macke) #9

I find it quite intruiging. Twisted morals in a sense.

(olaf) #10

Hey Mr. Macke,

my knowledge of english language is not so good as my experiences with blender, so if I spell some words uncorrect sorry for that. But hey Macke try
to write or speak some words in german and we will see hehe ;-)) …

@Pyrael: Nice Picture in 2D, but try it in 3D if you need some tips send an
e-mail to me, maybe i can help you…

bye, Olaf.

(macke) #11

einige Wörter

Correct? ;o)

([Pyrael]) #12

wow macke kann ja deutsch schreiben wahnsinn also dafür bekommst du ne auszeichnung

(schock) #13

Ya I am sure max is frightened by the power of blender, haha good one! That will be the day pigs fly and a 100% blender pic gets five stars at cg talk… That post cracked me up macke!

([Pyrael]) #14

i just started to make this pic with blender G

(acasto) #15

Schock : Good Blender pics only look dumb when interpreted by a dumbass!

(macke) #16

I suppose you think it looks quite dumb then.

(blengine) #17

macke, he didnt wanna say it directly, but i got no prob with it u dumbass! =)
why do u like starting fights anyways?
hmm, if the number of people here that dislike u, matches the number in your real life, i fell really bad for u :wink:
your online personality is dull, predictable, and your motive seems to be attention… please, feel free to stop me if im wrong…but before u do, give it some thought… u once called me immature, thats kind of hypocritical dont ya think? no of course, u dont, thinkings something u dont do too much of… reacting impulsively with a single motive for attention is what u are master of…i envy u 8)

now since there not much for u to argue, youll prolly play on my words, hmm but now that i said that, youll prolly do it purposely to look cool…hmm, maybe u wont even reply now…hmm, ive manage to stump myself as to what yer gonna argue… looks forward to reading more crap

(macke) #18

You’d be surprised as to how many others do.

You’re a lonely man, aren’t you?

If I would want to look cool, I’d do it somewhere else than a discussion board populated by shortsighted zealots!

Write a book then, you’re quite prominent in the crap area I must say.

(blengine) #19

haha, u played on words… no argument of yer own? lol u suck at this…

You’d be surprised as to how many others do.

we’re talking people here right? not bugs, ants, or other creatures JUST below your par in life quality?

You’re a lonely man, aren’t you?

not really, i live with my great family, and out almost everyday with friends…no girlfreind though, but meh, its not the end of the world…

If I would want to look cool, I’d do it somewhere else than a discussion board populated by shortsighted zealots!

shortsighted? hardly…lol, zealot? hmm, i dont have a dictionary handy…

Write a book then, you’re quite prominent in the crap area I must say.

well i do spend alot of time in the can, i must try to cut down on the fiber…ack meh… and where please can u tell me that i wrote something about me wanting to write a book?
lol, i say that your crap, and your comeback is that im crap…heh, u are an original man indeed…

(macke) #20

I don’t see what there is to argue about. Nor do I see any arguments in your post.

Yes, people. You ever seen one?

Good for you!

I suppose you also think that you and the other zealots mean anything for the future of blender.

www.dictionary.com, read it for a while.

Heh, how typical, having troubles understanding my words?

Please re-read my post, think about it for a while, then insult me more properly.

Ditto, let’s create a clubhouse, shall we?