U.E.S.C. Brooklyn - A Space Adventure

I was asked to produce retro style space scenes for Brooklyn Funk Essentials upcoming video single “Funk Ain’t Ova”.
The band and record company were so happy with the resulting footage that it was decided to make a trailer for the video using only my scenes in the style of a 1950 science fiction film. So here’s a decidely old school looking clip.
Modelled, textured and animated in Blender, rendered with Eevee. Colour grade, graphics and editing was done in Premiere Pro. Style inspiration is 1950s tin toy space ships, both the actual toys but also the package designs. The music is from a 1958 feature “The Flame Barrier” published on Internet Archive as public domain.
(The actual video with the band’s music is planned to be released in mid November 2019.)