U.I. Bug in 2.65a 32 bit version under Windows XP Pro.

I have both the 32 and 64 bit versions installed and the 64 bit version has a stable user interface display for Blender, but the 32 bit version has some serious issues with the menu bars and windows disappearing as I hover over them with the mouse pointer? Just thought I’d mention it as I’ve started using the 64 bit version of 2.65a under Windows 7, but the 32 bit version under XP seems unsable under the older O.S. The systoms seem to be that the screen just turns grey and blank? The 32 bit video drivers are the latest for an AT Rage 7000 graphics card on the XP system. Is the the issue related with the older card or the openGL version in use at the time? Could use some feedback on attempting to correct the issue. Leroy.

I don’t know that card, so i have no idea what kind of OpenGL support your ATI Rage 7000 have, though i suspect it is not very good.

But what you can try is to go to File -> User Preferences -> System
Then at the “Window Draw Mode” that by default is set to Automatic, try to change to the other settings available and see if one of them may stabilize the interface on your system.

You can also try to disable anti aliasing in video driver setup.
Cheers, mib.

Your graphicscard is 12 years old and even back then it wasn’t fast. I dare to say the age of the card and drivers cause your problems.
You get a new graphicscard for 20 bucks that’ll outperform yours tenfold.

Problem, your medieval card most likely sits in a AGP, maybe even a PCI port… those graphic cards aren’t produced anymore for years.

It’s up to you, but TBH working with Blender with that card is pointless. You can tinker a bit around at most. To find a metaphor, you most likely could build a transistor radio with a stone-axe… somehow… but is it desireable?

Just imagining the system that works around this card, you’d get one multiple times faster for 100 bucks… then again, for some 100 bucks isn’t in the budget.

Thank you all for replying. I’ll try switching back to the built in card with an Intel chipset to see what happens and seriously look into getting a more up to date equivelent as the newer Blender U.I. looks much easier to navigate then the older 2.42 version. I’m mostly a casual model maker that primarily uses another outdated software called Caligari Truespace 7.61 beta 8. I’m trying to add Blender as an alternate option because I eventually want to write some Blender export scripts for older modeling formats.

User preferences -> system -> window draw method, change to maybe “Full” or so can help solve the disappearing panels and such in some cases. Though as previously mused it’s just not possible on some hardware to have good OpenGL support, if it is not available on the card or with drivers.

That did the trick bro. No more misisng or disappearing menus or windows. I plan to start using Blender as an alternative modeling option. Thanks again, Leroy.

PS: Almost forgot that to save the changes go into File>Save User Settings so that Blender remembers them the next time it starts up. Leroy.