U.S.S Cutlass

So, I thought I’d try building a Federation Starship. The Cutlass is an original design (as far as I know there is no other design where the engines are connected to a “ring” in this manner). I am hoping to have it completed in a month or two. It is supposed to come into service after Star Trek The Next Generation but slightly before Voyager. Does anyone have any suggestions for a suitable and chronologically correct serial number? C&C always welcome.


Just an update for the past week. Any suggestions for a serial Number? Or C&C?


When I have seen Star Trek movies, I’m not a notorious, they look huge and seem to be several decks high allthough it doesn’t seem as big when they are inside.

So, more decks and ofcourse some texturing would be really nice.

The Cutlass is only 8 decks thick through the center. Not as big as the huge Galaxy Class ships like the Enterprise. Some Federation ships are quite a bit smaller. The textures and uv mapping will be done at the end. But thanks for your reply.

Here’s an update with the bump mapping just started. Still more to do. And then some colour. Any suggestions for a serial number?


813ND3R (Blender! :smiley: )

Leet speak? I was thinking more along the lines of NCC something or other. A number that would have been commissioned a short time before USS Voyager. (good one though :-] )

for a serial Number how about NCC 5892? sounds about right and should chronolically fit.

As for your ship itself i think the nacels need a bit of work. maybe you could cylinderise them abit, make them a little less flat. Other than that a very nice ship.

It does look like the vulcan ships in st enterprise…

Thanks for your comments. The engine nacelles are intentionally flat, similar to those of the Enterprise in STTNG. I went with a serial # similar to that suggested but a bit earlier than Voyager. Here is an update. Just starting to add some colour. C&C always welcome.


Here’s a small update. Been busy the last week or so.


Nice…not my color or textureing style(tho i dont do ships often) but very nice, true to the style.

looking good, like the design. For the blue and red sections fo the engine i would turn off specularity, and also set some emit, so they don’t look plastic. posibly even render with radiosity.


Does anyone have any last suggestions before I start on the backdrop and lighting? C&C always welcome.


the engine glow does look better, but there are still some shadows on it. perhaps make that material shadeless? you would probably have to play around with the actual color though


I suck compared to the modelling and materials that you have produced, but the whole thing still seems a little plastic. Can’t wait to see the finished product though.