U.S.S. Enterprise reboot

So, this is the one main project I’ve been working on, and this is my first submission to this site. Anyway, when I started with Blender, I made a goal to eventually model the Enterprise how it appears in the TV show from scratch, because what Blender artist who loves Star Trek doesn’t, right? So, I started modelling, and I finished the model within a few weeks, but I found it quite boring. Then I decided to do my own version of the ship. About 3/4ths of the way through my first attempt, I realized that I had learned a lot from it, and that I could probably then to a better job in a 1/4 the time. Therefore, I started over, and here you have it. I’m sorry They’re not rendered, as my computer has overheating problems, and can’t handle rendering a model with 2313305 faces!

Update: Latest version starts on page 6 :wink:

nice model, i hope you do decide to texture and render it eventually

I’ll hurry and post some more! :slight_smile:






Remember this! It is time to render it!!


Rendered images coming ASAP. My computer is still having issues. It took five minutes to render half an image at 2% of 1080p, and the cpu got up to 81, so had to stop it. So yeah It might be having issues. :mad:

Very good! You’ve captured the “attitude” of that ship quite nicely.

I’ll definitely texture this. Thanks for commenting BTW!

With the right textures and lighting that could look liek the real think… Well as real as the Enterprise will get haha

Well, here is a test I did a while ago when I was figuring out how to do the hull texture. Basically this is what the hull will look like close up.

This looks great…very clean :slight_smile: I like the change you did with the nacelles…makes me think of an alternate universe Enterprise.

Well here you have it, a rendered image! I hope to get another one up tomorrow.

You got a lot of nice detail in there!, nice job.

Great work. How did you eventually render it? Is raytracing turned off? That could help a lot.