U.S.S. Redemption (Star Trek)

The finished product, 1year and a few months it took to finish this project. I’m extremely proud of my self and so much I’ve learned through the process while making this on Blender 3D.

Took 1hour and 20mins to render.

The model is based on JJ Abrams Star Trek but is not solely based on his constitution class design. There are many inspirations in my design; I added what I liked from all the ships I preferred. It’s a mix of the Original Enterprise, the Enterprise C, E and even Voyager and of course Abrams, including my unique touches.

I love the new Enterprise and the movie and I made this ship I feel will fit in Abrams Universe nicely. I gave the ship thick paneling on the hull because I wanted to give it a armored look but yet keep it still luxurious.

Second Render of my Star Trek Ship Series, you can see the detail that I have put on the top of the ship. The Nacelles having moving parts and other small details that add to any animation I do with the ship.

You can check out my Youtube Channel that is completely dedicated to my Blender work http://www.youtube.com/user/Mercilless

But to stay on topic you can watch this video which shows how the ship changed during the year that I was working on it. A lot of trial and error and at times even starting over completely http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-BkQkBRLw4 and theirs a small animation based off the ending of last Star Trek but unfinished because at the time I wasn’t able to get the warp effect I wanted http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axLeUdwfKtc

Looks pretty cool, congratulations! Maybe you could work a little bit on the Materials, so that it looks less plastic and more like Metall! But still, impressive work!

looks good, but you need to optimize your workflow, one year is a lot of time for a model…

Great model, great render!

thats EPIC!!! :smiley:

Amazing work! And the materials are awesome, futuristic reinforced plastic is actually more logical since it’s weight will be far less than metal :rolleyes:

Hehehe, this gives me an excuse to re-watch the last Star-Trek movie…

I am thinking for most all the tv series the starships appeared to be a solid material. But I am thinking in the movies, each panel appeared to be made of several squares… Like it wasn’t one solid piece, but several pieces… if that makes sense.

Anyhow, it appears to be good modeling, and like the lights from the Starship. Radiosity??

Render times of 1 hr must be a bitch. I hate the fact that what I am working on takes 10 mins…make one small change, wait 10 mins to see the effect…agghhh

Good job

Nice work :slight_smile: Your first beauty render is really great!

Holy! Wow, cool ship!, but today is intergalactic Star wars day, not trek,
(By the way I already called dibs on making a lightsaber):slight_smile:

Great model!
As for the render, well, I don’t really care what effects we see in movies, especially in last star trek movie. I’m waiting to see something more dramatic and cruel in space. A real space. What AO or GI has to do in space? Where is this extraterrestrial really hard lighting? And darkness? Do you remember ‘nostromo’ from the first Alien? That was a convincing lighting for space.

My work flow is ok, I got alot of stuff on my plate, with work and school and I also go back and fourth on other ideas, I’m not one to stay on the same thing for to long, so I try to divide the time between different projects, as I learn from each one I can apply to the other .

Yeah I know, I had realized it after I posted the thread lol but actually May 25th is the legalized Star Wars day, well at lease in LA it is, so I guess I’m following there calender lol

I’m terrible in texture or just materials in general, I’ve looked all over the internet to learn a way to get that metallic look for the model but I haven’t found any… If you could or anyone else point me in the direction of such that would help.

Love the detail. You may want to consider some minor bump mapping to give it a bit more realism.

  • Floyd

This tutorial isn’t blender specific but shows a really great way to make hard surface models look real by adding dirt scratches etc…

Hard Surface Texture Painting by Stefan Morrell

Your model is really good you should be proud of it. Hope this helps you out

i like the way you kept the same design as the original enterprise but updated it a bit. are you planning on making any phaser animations to it?

omg , awesome work , i like that u kept the same style as the old series .
Keep it up

Nice overall model, but i feel it’s quite new & shiny putting some dirt and skid marks will add history to the ship.