Ubuntu and comcast

I have a desktop that is currently running windows. I want to switch to ubuntu but am afraid of the compatibility between it and my comcast high speed cable modem. The drivers they sent with it were pc only. I asked them if it would work and they said they don’t support linux (not sure if they mean it won’t work or if they don’t know how to answer). Does anyone have a non wifi desktop running ubuntu and using a comcast modem? Any help would be great (windows is driving me nuts).

It will work.

People can attach any random commodity router or wifi access point to a cable modem with no problem so you should have no trouble.

Cable modems are pretty much supported by all OSes, I have a cable modem plugged into an openBSD box through the usb connection for example.

You could also just boot from the live cd and test it out yourself, should just automagically work.

I work for Time Warner and we dont support Linux also. What I do know is that you dont need a driver for a cable modem as long as you are using ethernet port. If you use USB then you might have an issue. Modems come with windows/mac software only.

Besically, if a modem is locked (power, downstream, upstream and online lights are on) there is internet in that modem regardless of fact if anything is connected to it or not.

Not supported and not working are two totally different things. The company may not support something but something like a modem are basically generic and will work with many operating systems.


You would probably get a better answer, or at least find an existing question, over at the Ubuntu forums.

If you’re currently using USB to connect to your modem, then good luck. Connecting through ethernet should be no problem at all.

Thanks for your answers. This is what I figured. It’s ethernet so I’m sure it will work. I’ll test it with a live cd. Thanks again.

Yeah, when I switched over to Ubuntu it worked fine.

I use Fedora, not Ubuntu, but I’ve hooked it up to Comcast and Verizon FiOS in 2 different states with absolutely no problems.