Ubuntu crash(?) on startup

Recently my computer running Ubuntu 14.04 began hanging when trying to preform certain tasks, but would eventually get it done. However, this morning everything was messed up: skype was closed, I couldn’t open files, I couldn’t access the internet (I’m writing this on my laptop), and gedit crashed when I tried to save a file.

I tried restarting the system, but the OS wouldn’t start up. I let it keep trying anyway and this is what it told me:

I don’t know what any of this means. Could someone tell me what the problem is and how to fix it?

Maybe important note: the other day I added an extra HDD to the machine.

there’s a new version available ( 15), try an upgrade, maybe?
As far as I know, a new HD its not a problem…after your screenshot, there’s some “memory adress” problems, I guess?

Sounds a bit like hardware failure but there’s no way to be sure. Could use Ubuntu dvd in live mode for troubleshooting or any of the diagnostics distributions (I use parted magic myself). Some of those probably have memtest as option to test the system memory for issues, and disk tool to check S.M.A.R.T information or run a test.

If it is a hardware issue there are too many variables, might not find the cause with those.

I agree with JA12, this could be a hardware problem. You disconnect that new HDD and you see if the problem still occurs. Also see if when you had connected that new HDD you accidentally has moved or disconnected something on your computer. Also see if your memories are well connected in the slot. And you find out how running “Memtest” from the Ubuntu DVD or other distros.

Thanks for the replies guys. I tried removing the new hard drive, and although that solved the problem, the issue seems to have damaged some OS files, resulting in a lot of nasty problems. So now I have to re-install the OS.

Thankfully I backed up my files just the other day, so I didn’t loose anything.