Ubuntu jaunty and blender

every thing seems to be working but when i try to run any scripts i receive the error message

File “/home/focus/.blender/scripts/blender/uv_export.py”, line 110, in <module>
import BPyMessages

from terminal. This isn’t a problem with just that one script it seems I am missing that module. How can I fix my scripts to work

blender 2.49
ubuntu juanty version 9.04
Compiled with Python version 2.6.2

I have the module in .blender/scripts not sure why python would be looking in .blender/scripts/blender for it. I am running the same system.

Thank you I ended up just following the error trail and replaced the broken link to where the modules are. I love Linux so much but coming from Windows I sometimes forget that error messages actually help you fix problems. Funny though still don’t know why my blender is installed wrong.

the “.blender/scripts/bpymodules -> /usr/share/blender/scripts/bpymodules” link of
this whole directory is for using a global blender-installation for all users. This is
a good thing as long You use the default install with the ubuntu repositories. But
as soon as you decide to make a special user-specific install (for example
with the latest blender-build from blender.org … or self-compiled svn-version)
then You have to take care for the user-settings and You have to decide
whether to install a global blender-version and overwriting the old one or
to install a user-only version. If You install a user-only version, then You
have to check whether the phyton-scripts has changed … sometimes
You can still use the older global scripts but to be shure You have to relink
those links to the new installed scripts (they come with the new blender-version
and are there in the .blender/… hidden subdirectory).
The bad drawback is, You can only work with one blender-version for a user,
because there is no special switch in blender to use different user-sections for
differnt versions.
If You want to use an older blender version, the only way is to create a new
user and install this for this user only and if You want to use it switch to this

Thank you i felt that it had something to do with me not knowing how to distribute the parts of blender from blender.org .