Ubuntu opens two instances of Blender??


Odd one this, it appears that Ubuntu (13.04) opens more than one instance of Blender 2.68a. One is my default customised layout and the other a default vanilla version. But, and this is the big but, both share the same scene??

If I load in a scene/model, both share the same item - see below…

I’ve used Blender for years and on and off with Ubuntu from time to time, I’ve never seen this before O_o

The version I use is the one from Blender.org (64bit) which is self contained and allows me to use cuda with Nvidia (9600GT) - so I can’t use another method to install blender, such as a PPA or the Software Centre :wink:

The problem persists if you rename the folder /home/YOUR_USER/.config/blender/2.68/?

Are you launching Blender running the executable “blender” file from the file browser?

I’m not sure what you mean Yafu, but to clarify how I luanch Blender in Ubuntu:

I navigate to the folder in my home directory that contains blender and double click on the file “blender”, which naturally launches blender in turn.

This should launch just one instance of Blender, not two, and especially not too that are linked (shareing same files), one with my preference and UI customisation and the other with no customisation and no preferences changed.

Just in case, on Ubuntu the file browser executes files with a single click or double click?

I had wanted to know if the problem could be related to the Blender configuration files. Blender store the settings in the hidden folder “/home/YOUR_USER/.config” where ‘YOUR_USER’ is your user name on Ubuntu (the hidden folders start with a dot). I do not know how the file browser in Ubuntu works, I have Kubuntu and Dolphin. What I was saying is that you open the file browser and go to that hidden folder “/home/YOUR_USER/.config/blender” and rename the folder “2.68” you will find there, for example to “2.68_old”. Then you try to launch Blender and you see if the problem persists. You can restore your old configuration deleting that new “2.68” folder and renaming “2.68_old” to “2.68” again.

Excuse me if those things you already knew, is because I do not know exactly what you did not understand before.

It appears that the ‘startup’ and preferences ‘userpref’ files got confused somehow - I removed them and re-did the preferences and UI and now all it well - it sure was a weird one out of nowhere O_o

I was on it before I read your message Yafu, but thanks anyway :wink: