Ubuntu Studio Wallpapers

I know…not too original, but I thought that you might enjoy them. The models were created by DaveC at the Indigo forums.

The two with the back lights were rendered with Blender Internal and the one with the logo laying on its side was rendered in Indigo.

Here is the original thread at the Indigo Site. There are some renders of regular Ubuntu logos that turned out pretty nice also. http://www.indigorenderer.com/joomla/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2496

Thanks for looking.


Being an Ubuntustudio user, I like them. :wink:

JK, I think they look really nice. I think that the lighting could use just a bit of work - perhaps add a dim hemi or two that affect the diffuse only, just to fill in the shadows some.

Great work!

Here is another one.


Very nice. I like the first 3 more because of the high contrast and sharp shadows and lighting. You might submit them to the Ubuntu studios distro managers, they might include it as a wallpaper in the next release.

I would complain about these not being larger but ubuntu studio for me refuses to go above 1024x768 anyway so I guess these work just fine. Good work!

They are all 1280 x 1024, but BA limits to 1024 x 1024 for images. I had issues as well with the resolution of Ubuntu not recognizing my 1280x1024 monitor. To fix this, open a terminal and execute this:

sudo dpgk-reconfigure -phigh xorg-xserver

Then put a mark next to all the resolutions that you’d like to have in Ubuntu and progress through the wizard. I cannot remember if you need to reboot, but you will then have the ability to pick the correct resolution. I also ran the Envy script and my OpenGL performance is top notch (using proprietary drivers of course.) It worked better than the restricted driver settings in Ubuntu.

I like them too, I am on normal ubuntu:)

Did you check out the normal Ubuntu ones that DaveC and I made on the Indigo forum link in the first post?