[UE4] Modular Palace Dungeon B

(AngryCat) #1

I’ve been working on another modular dungeon for some time now. Compared to the previous project, I made it very difficult to add vertex painting blend and parallax occlusion. There will be a lot more props.

This time the main source of inspiration was Gothic architecture and Witcher 3.

Key references:

Here’s what’s at the moment:

(John Booher) #2

I’m not sure of the scale here but make sure there is enough room for props once the architecture is all mapped out. Models like vines, crates, torches and random debris really give your environment life but in can quickly make everything feel cramped if you don’t have enough space.

(AngryCat) #3

The dimensions are quite large. Floor 4x4 meters, wall 4x5,8 meters. But this is no longer relevant. I have decided to remake everything to more accurately correspond to references. I really liked how Buckfast Abbey looks, so I will do something very similar.

(John Booher) #4

The brick material you are using will look great in an abbey. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :slight_smile: