UE4 Vector Fields authoring in Blender ?

So, apparently if one has to have Vector Field in UE4 (which is a case if you want to do complex particle effects), one has to have Maya: https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Creating_Vector_Fields_(Tutorial)#Authoring_Vector_fields

Has anyone (Blender Devs for example) thought of implementing add-on to generate Vector Fields for UE4 using Blender’s particle system, or better yet smoke or fluid system ?

https://github.com/isathar/Blender_UE4_VectorFieldEditor ?

Ohhh, thanks!!!

Big thanks! It looks very useful !

You’re both welcome. Not my work though.

are there examples for using this script and show how it looks ?

and what kind of vector fields can it represent ?

happy bl