UFO encounter

A quick project I made after coming up with the idea of using the silhouette of the trees as a mask. 100% created in Blender.


well the mask worked pretty good. Awesome work there.

With these kind of projects Im never sure what Im missing, or what it is looking odd… For some reason I think it is between the DoF and motion blur. And also at the end, the integration seems off too.

But overall, pretty convincing attempt. I like it a lot.

Yeah, the motion tracking was bad, it rotated the camera towards the end and made the perspective wrong, but like I said, It’s more of a test and I didn’t want to waste too much time.

I wouldn’t worry about the dof as its almost non-existent on small cameras these days. The moblur seemed a bit off and the crafts rotation at the end. If you leveled it out a bit, relative to the ground, it would be great!

Nice work

Thanks! That’s what I was mentioning about the motion track, for some reason the camera (in blender) tilted more and more to the end of the track, not sure why, I tried a bunch of different solving options but it didn’t change anything.