UFO for camera tracking project

Hi, this is an UFO my friend made for our project. So, i have not made this model, but he happens to be too busy right now, so i put it here.

All critiques welcome!

looks great :slight_smile:

thanks, but we are looking for critiques :stuck_out_tongue:

You could probably get a better metal texture.
But thats all I can see.

If this is for an ABSOLUTE UNDENIABLE PROOF YouTube video I’d think about the purpose of the bubble on the top. Is something going to be in there looking out? If not why does it have such a pronounced bubble on the top?

Off Topic: My very favorite ever YouTube comment… “Dang IT! Someone used the last of the ABSOLUTE UNDENIABLE PROOF and didn’t put up a new roll.” :smiley:

:smiley: Thanks everyone, BentFX i guess that the bubble is meant to be something to look out from.

Try darkening the front of the ship a bit and maybe adding some burn marks and other scratches. Going through the atmosphere would cause the ship to go through some extreme temperatures. Scratches around the edges would be good too. Also, some grime in the crack between the bottom and top would really add to the realism.

It’s a good model. The weaker point I’m able to spot is the glass material (opaque, not very reflective), but maybe it depends on the lighting of the scene, I’m not sure.

As others have said I think the glass top needs improving, also probably just me but I think the support stucts/feet look a bit flimsy

I’d add a little bit of bumbmap to the metal. it would make it a lot better… Add also something colorful to it, maybe a red lamp or anything, so the UFO doesn’t look that boring :wink:

the four skis as landing gear all pointing in different directions are a bit confounding

it looks a little miniature. try lowering the amount of depth of field and position the camera a little lower. nice work!

I like the way you have taken a cliche UFO design, and given it enough detail to make it interesting.
But yeah, maybe disks instead of skis for the landing legs.

The whole top-heavy “Forbidden Planet” sort of feel of the stout, rugged body and dome, coupled with the thin legs and splayed feet is so… so… insect-like! I really like what you’ve done. It appeals to my 1950’s comic book, si-fi style of imagination.