Ugg. I hate timer properties. >< (SOLVED!)

Ok So I have this script:

def main():
	GL = GameLogic
	cont = GL.getCurrentController()
	own = cont.owner
	move = cont.sensors['Move']
	if move.positive:
		own['VisTimer'] = 0
	if own['VisTimer'] &gt;= 1:
		print 'not moveing, Invisible'

It is supposed to automatically turn the mouse invisible after a certain time.

Here is the blend:
CustomCursor.blend (142 KB)

The only problem is, that the mouse refuses to become invisible when the timer is past 1.
Please Help.

I Fixed it!!! I had to set my sensor to positive and negative pulse so that the script would still act while the sensor wasn’t positive.

Why do you not use a sensor that checks the timer property e.g. property interval sensor?

Oh. I was making a script that would automatically make the mouse disappear during game play. that way it wouldn’t disturb you.