Uh Ohhh! BWC 2007

I don’t want to give away the whole thing, but some may find this visage to be eerily familiar…
I started it by making a base using subsurf modelling, multires, and the sculpt brush, then started building a lower poly version around it using the retopo tool.
Feel free to take a stab at what it is.


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yes, it’s the dreaded purple teletubby ( forgot the ornament, but you get the idea )


note: there is a distinct lump between the face and the purple skin tight suit. i would check, but it would scar my memory forever. please don’t make it too realistic, or i might never look at this thread again :slight_smile:

Ok I fixed the seam, and added his ears and famous triangle.


LOL already modron, you are a cheeky bugger. but i like where this is going, it makes me all warm and happy on the inside (tubby tustard cravings to make me all tubby)

lol, your evil Modron, eeevilll…

My imagination is going crazy with teletubbies.

thanks guys, just finished his body


Nooooooooooo… not the flaming teletubies! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is proving to be the most disturbing and scary image in the BWC this year for sure…! :wink:

Be sure to play with some ramp shading/sphere blend applied to only Z coordinate to get that soft fluffy look for them.


thanks guys…mhpe, he’s actually going to be in the form of a plastic doll, so no fuzziness unfortunately, but thanks nonetheless for the tip. here’s a wire in case anyone wants to look at it.


Aren’t most teletubby dolls soft and not plastic?

Soft and fluffy looks much better anyway! Plastic is too easy to make in 3D programs. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, but my thinking was, that since it is in the distant future, it would have to be made of vinyl or something to endure, and fabric would most likely disentigrate over the centuries. also it would probably lose it’s color nearly entirely.

I’m trying to envision the race of primates that will discover and worship the teletubby. This is just sort of a 3D sketch.


here’s another variation, this one looks a bit like a loris, or a potto


decided to go with contestant #2


looking good!
cant wait to see how final image is gonna turn out :spin:

maybe scale the triangle down a bit?

and maybe you can make the rest of the teletubbies and anim so they have chainsaws and r cutting ppl to size while the children laugh horribly eerily
“thats what you get for putting me in the corner you b*tch!!”

thanks guys, and I think the triangle is about right, it’s quite large on the real thing. finished off the head and tried out a quick texture just to get an idea.


just about finished modelling the body, sort of contemplating toes and a possible tail still. maybe some sharp little teeth too.


Looking really good Modron :slight_smile: love the idea. Keep it up! :smiley: