UI design flaws

Havent really looked over the site properly because i main check the header thumbs and thats it. Sometimes i go into the coding section as i did today.

I was baffled by the laytou, how horrible this is. Why are the bread crumbs or is the navigation almost at the top above the thumbnails. This makes absolute no sense at all.

I really was looking for the buttin new post. Which is in a very dark color in the upmost top right. Total hidden, as if its not important at all. That needs to go above the main row with all threads, most of the time with the search bar and pagination next it. But the search bar is in the top right.

The layout of this all is terribly done. This really needs to be worked on.

Then i went on and checked the main artwork section. What the is that for joke? Why does it need so much space, there os hardly any info. Fill with something, i believe in the demo paeg there was text. Now its a couple of word and most of it about the thumbnail. If that is the case than only show thumbnails and leave out all the rest of the nonsense. This is really another horrible layout.

Sorry to say so, but this forum is still a big mess! I would have expected that after weeks after the launch these would be fine tuned. Seems like nothing has happened.

Hey Rombout, here’s how you can help improve things:

AH okay, ill check if some one has made a post or posts about this.

One more thing, why isnt there a simple add code button? Perhaps im overlooking it. BUt pasting in code and using the predefined button made a big mess of it.
My code had a lot tabs in it, perhaps that was the issue

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It’s been requested, but I have higher priority things to handle first.

I find the easiest way is to use the basic Github (may its name be cursed forever) format. Just put triple ` before and after the code, on separate lines. It’s just about as quick as using a code button, and it appears to be bulletproof.

I’ve done some work on the interface for my own benefit, but if you want to try it out you’ll need an extension that will allow custom CSS by domain. I use Stylus on Firefox, and it’s available for Chrome and Opera too, at least on desktop. I think only FF on Android (not sure).

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i couldnt get triple accents to do anything.

# code goes here
    # remember, 
        # CODE tags need its own line
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Make sure you use backticks.

Sorry backticks??

you mean these `` , do make the text appear as code indeed code
I think my issue was the number of tabs in my code, so thats solved.

Ill make a request for the layout adjustments. Hope thats gets pulled through, currently is really awkward layout.

The system is (a version of) Markdown (just in case anyone wants to look up tutorials/reference docs). Because it’s a markup language. [play canned laugher]
Triple ` lets you select language (css, python, etc) in case the automatic system gets it wrong. Just write the identifier in the first line (the ticks one, not below them).

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