Not receiving notifications

One major issue is users seemingly not getting updates in threads. If noticed it just now, but jus this night ive read it in a couple threads. I hope that’s your biggest work cause now, that’s the engine of a forum. If it doesn’t work, it’s really broken

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Hmm, this is the first time I hear this and I have no issues with it. Can you be more specific please?

  • When you say ‘updates in threads’, do you mean people don’t see new posts? Or that they’re not getting notifications?
  • Which people and which topics are you talking about?
  • How can I reproduce this?

Yes i noticed it in this thread, align & distribute. The creator of that thread also stated it, i did not get notifications about new posts made there.

It’s most likely an edge case of the import; please check what kind of tracking you have set for that topic. Normally, when you create a topic you’ll ‘watch’ it, and when you read a topic for a certain amount of time you’ll automatically ‘track’ it (unless you changed your preferences).

I can confirm this, but this happened also on the old vBulletin engine, after some months I get email notifications of new reply on threads. In this case, I didn’t get any notification from November of the previous year… Since I’m the creator of the thread I should get every notification.

Actually, I don’t know if the problem is because, on the old engine, I get the first email notification, and I will not receive any other until I login into

Did you check your tracking status on those topics?

on my thread is on “Watching”