UI Design library and Editing software

Trying to work as UI designer for the LUX Render software, i didn’t find any docs on How the Blender UI was made to use the same.

I explain, i want to re-use the same kind of theme for the interface (button,slider…)
So, where can i find this library and whish software is better to editing the UI.
LUXRender is a python/C++ soft, i was looking to Qt but is it the best to do it ?

Thanx to answer me, i’m seriously motivated ! :smiley:


Use Qt, it’s better, is much easier, gets better all the time, and you won’t have to program your own interface design program.

Blender doesn’t have an UI library (with the exception of a library to take care of windows and input).

So, blender get his UI Design hardcoded ? with no library…How can i make the same graphics for interface ? have i to make it in full C++ ?

and with Qt or fltk, can i make some lights pictures to build controls ?

last question, where can i fing soms docs about how Blender Ui was build ?


blender does not use any special ui library, its all openGL.

edit: you better get to irc, and on freenode(<sever) #blendercoders(<channel)

I’ve used Qt, FTGL, FOX Gui and even was working on my own OpenGL based GUI for a while. I will say that by far Qt is the fastest and easiest to use. I haven’t used pyQT (much) but from the docs it looks pretty easy to learn and fairly complete.

One plus to Qt is that it uses CSS to theme the widgets, so you can literally change the gui skins on the fly.

I’d really recommend against making your own gui toolkit from scratch. You’ll end up spending months just to get simple things like drop-down menus working.

CSS to theme the widgets

Waow !!! that’s for me…my job is “web template designer”…easy !!!
i have to look on it !

tnx tbc++