UI for games - Menus

Well I’m making a new UI for a game of mine and just wanted to share it because I think someone might like these minimalistic style menus. It’s quite simple but looks awesome imo.
Very early stage, I’ll add further “levels” of sub-menus and other parts improving the design e.g. animations in the background.
So far it looks like this:

Very cool :slight_smile: i like the design
how would you go about multiple options (more than 2)??

Already did, its on the 2nd level. The two initial options are for input and general performance.

A little update. Finished the second level of the options. The last is still in progress.
Forgot to mute winamp while recording ~.~

it’s different I like the flow, mind you it’s hard to make sense of agh anyways I’ll keep watching out for this…

:smiley: MY 500 POST!!!

“it’s different I like the flow, mind you it’s hard to make sense of agh”

I don’t really understand that, sorry :smiley: but glad you like it ^^ I’ll upadate the progress soon. Probably today or maybe tomorrow morning.

I would like to see a pie chart, that as you select “sections” the section fills the pie, and continues to revolve adding the new options… and the back button is simply clicking the bolded option tree label.

So I click options, the pie piece rotates around and as it covers up the other options, it adds the new ones as it rotates,
and clicking “options” again causes the same to happen in reverse :smiley:

Like in Deus Ex Invisible War? It has a menu similar to the one you described. Well at least the rotating part. I’m not sure about the combination of pie charts and rotation, but pie charts emerging from each other would look pretty badass.

I’ll check which one would look better after I finish this one.

And there it is. The almost finished base of the UI. It’s only almost because I’m thinking that I should replace the part after N-I and N-S options. Also I’m not quite sure about the looks of the second level options on the left side. I had to add a black outline so it wont look weird and stuff but somehow its just not the same good minimalist look :confused: Maybe I should just give a shadow for the other parts if tone is selected.

Wow, this is awesome, this is the kind of menu I will go for with my project! It would be interesting to see a breakdown how you did it, maybe even a demo blend perhaps! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I’d like to make a tutorial series for tis but right now I can’t record my voice due to win sound adapter compatibility problems ands somehow my fraps recordings are laggy too.

I use my phone for that very reason,

My GPU is down, so I am getting like 30 fps without screencapping,

add in that my microphone sucks,

I just use my phone :smiley:

I need to get a stand for it…

Well my phone is old and I only use it as an mp3 player so thats not really a solution ~.~
In about 2 weeks I’ll have the money for a new audio adapter and maybe enough for a new VGA.

Some update.
Started working on deeper details such as options for appearance and the appearance itself.
Added background animation(s). Now working on to make them changeable.
Solved the problem with fading so the outlines on the left option panels are removed.
I think I should make the material of the animation’s object a bit darker to separate it from the faded panels.