UI - Import someone's blend file, but keep your UI settings

I’m wondering how to open another user’s .blend file (i.e. to use their lighting setup), but keep my own UI settings.

I’ve found some great .blend files on Blend Swap.com, to use for templates for good lighting. But when I open the .blend file, it uses the original artist’s UI and keyboard settings, which are awkward and wonky to me. Makes it difficult to work.

So, I’d like to open the .blend file that has a good lighting setup, then swap in my own geometry (or create it from scratch), but keep my own user interface settings and keyboard hotkeys.

Things I’ve Tried
Searches: Odd, but none of my searches on BA or the greater web have turned up anything close. But maybe my keywords are off. Same w/ the online manual.
Import/Export: Exported original lighting .blend file as FBX, Collada, DXF, and OBJ, but even if the lights come in, the lighting is totally off. All the light and render settings are default or way off.
Manually Copy/Paste: Also tried having both files open, and looking at each and every lighting/render settings, and changing my .blend file to match. Worked a little bit, but lighting is still significantly off, too dark, not nearly as realistic.
Checked For Additional Resources: Checked the original lighting file for things like HDRI, made sure I was using same render engine, etc., but no joy.

Thank you in advance if you’re able to respond.

In Blender’s “Open File” dialog you should see a “Load UI” checkbox in the lower left area. Uncheck that box and Blender will open the file, but keep your UI.

You can turn off “Load UI” globally in Blender’s user preferences (User Preferences > File > Save & Load).

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Sweet! That worked. Awesome. I never would have seen that. Thank you for your help.