UI scripting sanity question

I’ve been getting more into Blender, and am enjoying the great flexibility the Python API offers,. However, on the subject of Custom UI elements in Blender, I’m not finding definite answers (if they’re here in plain sight, please forgive me).

After some digging, I’m under the impression that custom Editors/Panes are not supported, just custom panels. Is this correct? Or is it simply that there isn’t a Python API (or an {un,}documented C API) to script these parts of the UI? If they aren’t existing, is that part of any plans (that you’re aware of)?

Thus, to achieve custom interfaces (such as this PyQt/Maya one used by Aardman - http://www.martintomoya.com/tools_reel.html), we would launch custom scripts which use PyQt/PySide/wxWidgets, talking back and forth between themselves and the blender session that launched them, correct?


I would also like to know about this. I’m not a very experienced programmer.

there are panels and popups so far, but no floating panels. Adding them isn’t a priority, it was already planned by a GSoC contributor this year, but he was told by devs to focus on other things

Thanks CoDEmanX.

Does that mean that embedded editor/pane (like the 3D View or Script Editor) are also out of the scope of the current tools?

those are screen areas (editors), they can’t be defined with python either, only C

Got it. And that’s good to know they are designated screen areas.

Thank you.