Uilleann pipes..... Where to start?

I have to decided to take on the daunting task of learning blender, modeling a Uilleann chanter (the main part of the Irish bagpipes), and then doing a 3d print of it. And then seeing how it plays. So I have the manual, and a book, and have been looking at the YouTube tutorial. Another day or so and I will be ready to start the model.

But here is my first question. The chanter is basically a hollow long cylinder with a 5 angle bore ( to create the throat) and a taper on the OD. And then a bunch of tone holes perpendicular to the chanter.

i think I have seen about 3 ways to start this.
a. Draw a profile and then spin it.
b. Draw a cylinder. Create an end with a hole, and then incrementally extrude it down through the cylinder.
c. Load a. Drawing or image of the chanter and do one of the above to match the drawing.

Are there better ways to start?
What might be the best way to start?


Welcome to B.A.!

I would start simpler. Model a wine glass using the spin tool. Then model a single hole in your wine glass. Don’t forget to remove doubles and recalc normals after the spin. Once you have a wine glass with a hole in it, then maybe start planning your Uileann chanter. You’ll want to scale plans including cross sectional info, and wireframe plans for the inside taper. You’ll set those as a background image and model in ortho from them, Good luck, and Welcome to B.A.!

Off the subject, what book did you get? I’d love to know. If possible, I’d learn them and the bodhran. I was a percussionist for years, and I’m getting into wind instruments.

Thanks… Working it now