Ultimate noob question on opening files

Hi there, I started using blender a few days ago, and im really enjoying it!
Im working theough the “noob to pro” tutorial on the blender site, and its awesome!

How can i get my boxes back after re-opening my file?

I save it all as a blender file, but when i re-open it, the entire image is just one object… how do i break it back down?


Your question is a little vague but I will try to help. If you fail to deselect a mesh or curve before you add a new one while composing your objects Blender assumes they are all part of the same object. If this is the situation you are running into you may be able to select individuals vertices in edit mode and use the Select Linked vertices (L Key, Ctrl+L Key) to select the objects you want to seperate. Then seperate them with the Seperate (P Key). This may or may not answer your question hope it helps though.

Here is my exact situation
Im making the simply man-figure from the tutorial (again :p) using loads of cubes.
I was hungry, so i saved the file, and raided my fridge.
(For anyone whos interested i ended up having a cheese and ham toastie)

When i opened up blender, and opened up my saved file, instead of being greeting with my simple man, with loads of edges(from the cubes) i found that the ENTIRE figure was merged as one massive object, and only had one edge going all the way around the outside edge of the figure.

I guess that you are in the object mode. To edit the man, you need to select it and go to the edit mode. You can do this easily by hitting tab or selecting edit mode from the menu.

/me looks severly ebaressed, and will go run and hide for a while

Thanks! im just used to using Bryce :stuck_out_tongue: